About Blaze Ward Presents

It started as a running joke, when someone posted a picture that sparked a discussion. Being writers, it wasn’t long before someone said “Oh, I have an idea for a story!” Being a publisher, I challenged them by suggesting that if they could write a story, I could build an anthology around.

So we did.

Actually, it went more like “F#%% it, let’s do an anthology!”

The result was the first Blaze Ward Presents: An Interpretation of Moles.

We had so much fun that others asked when I was going to do the next one.

At that point, it became a thing. I did them twice a year (spring and fall, sort of) for a bit, but now we aim for annual in the summer.

For folks on my mailing list, they might get a heads up (if I know what the next theme will be). Otherwise, I announce the new one on my social media with what many writers consider to be impossible deadlines. But I work with pros.

I might make a general call on April 1, with completed stories due in to me April 30, with expected publication on June 1. (Fall has been reserved for other project). If you give a writer too long, they tend to edit a story to death, so I want them to give me the raw emotion that they started with, rather than the vanilla pablum that was left afterwards.

And I’ll keep doing this as long as I’m having fun and everyone else is making a little money.

I hope you’ll join us on the adventure.